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8 Technology Trends in Software Development That Will Dominate This Year

Cloud computing technologies

Cloud computing serves as a commercial data centre. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure are already winning the software development race by providing efficient cloud-based solutions.

Nowadays, every company, startup, and enterprise wants fast access and the best security for their valuable data. Thus, Amazon AWS full stack developers are higher in demand. Additionally, Cloud computing technologies are accessible to multiple servers. For instance, you can access your data from a private, public, or hybrid cloud server.

Popular programming languages

ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular 2+, and Python are the extensively used programming language in 2022. Undoubtedly, these coding languages will continue the sequel as they’re editable and easy to write. Secondly, these popular programming languages endure heavy networking and programming needs.

By all means, Python is the programming language for beginner IT engineers. It is easy to write, edit and deploy. In general, Python is used in backend web designing, machine learning and data sciences.

Conversely, Angular 2+ is used in heavy workloads and frameworks, like video streaming. Whereas, ReactJS has enhanced UI and developer experience. ReactJS includes 50000 programming components by Meta to produce applications. It also contributes to GitHub production.

Other top programming languages that developers must learn are:





Hybrid development

Hybrid app development has gained momentum and popularity in 2022. They are a combination of native and web application components. The hybrid apps run on iOS and Android smoothly. Besides working across multiple platforms, hybrid app development is a great way to establish an online identity as they serve the best user experience.

Hybrid app development is a game changer in software engineering. Another form of the hybrid app is super apps, a one-stop solution. A hybrid app has features like a calendar, camera, push notifications, GPS and UI/UX designs. Best of all, these apps can work on low connectivity or even offline!

Progressive web applications (PWA)

We can not neglect how Google and Adobe invested in PWA this year. For your information, PWA or progressive web applications are the combinations of web and apps. They’re a valuable asset to any company because of the four features:

They’re fast and work on low connection.

PWA are highly responsive. They can function on mobile, desktop, tablets or any other screen.

PWA are easy to develop.

PWA are progressive. Any browser, location, or user can access them.

To sum up, progressive web applications are handy to use. You can simply use an app and its website simultaneously with no distraction of tapping on every inch of your screen. Moreover, it saves money and time, as developing an app for iOS and Android separately is time-taking and expensive.

On top of such challenges, you must also maintain your app on both platforms. In this scenario, progressive apps play their role. Your customer will download it to his home screen or simply use it through the web. PWA shares the best user experience, attractive layouts and security.

For instance, Flipboard is highly responsive, speedy, secure and popular!


Outsourcing simplifies the standard onboarding and software development process. Unlike in the previous era, you can hire a dedicated team to work on your project. The outsourced team must be highly talented at working in different areas of website development.

Besides outsourcing, low code deployment is another trend that will top software technologies in 2022. Low code deployment enables businesses to hire cloud computing experts and software engineers at a low cost. This simplifies the expenses of having a digital solution and programming languages. Some of the major low code platforms are:

Query Serge

Power BI


Such software solutions provide an easy interference to develop apps and websites at lesser rates.

Virtual reality

According to a Goldman Sachs’ Global Investment research report, the VR market has a potential of 16.1B in the public sector. Besides that, VR will grow to 11.6B in the video and gaming market by the end of 2022.

In particular, virtual reality is a 3D virtual experience that shifts you into a different world. It stimulates your senses and connects you with your surroundings. VR has made its way into the automobile, video game, navigation, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Because of its usefulness, no company ignores virtual reality. It boosts the app’s productivity and improves the overall operational performance of the software.

Even this year, VR seems unreal to most of the world. However, virtual reality will push its boundaries and implementation in software development. Big brands like Tesla and SpaceX will explore augmented and virtual reality for a better user experience. Thus, the importance of virtual reality in software development can’t be ignored.


Briefly, DevOps is the integration process between IT teams and software development. It comprises processes and tools to automate integration. In short, DevOps helps software developers and the IT teams connect and work on the project together.

DevOps highly influences the software development trends in 2022. It plays a key role in establishing the connection between teams, which is crucial to success and achieving project goals.

Most importantly, developers deliver applications at high velocity using DevOps’s infrastructure. When developers and operation teams merge, they focus on the application lifecycle, deploy and test software and codes reliably.

Similarly, DevSecOps enables security teams to integrate with operation and development teams. When these three foundational teams work throughout the application lifecycle, they produce highly secure, effective and fast outcomes.

Companies and enterprises always look for opportunities like DevOps and DevSecOps to integrate tightly and grow effectively!


In 2022, blockchain technology will serve sought-after industries like finance, supply chain and healthcare. Certainly, blockchain offers tamper-proof transactions and stored data over a vast network.

Software engineers use blockchain technology to improve their software development process and needs. Besides digital transaction records, this high-tech technology brings security, transparency, fast speed and low costs of software development. Because of its staggering performance, blockchain has become an emerging trend in 2022. It’s now an architect that every industry needs. Specifically, industries of our daily life such as medicine and finance.

Additionally, blockchain has introduced its cryptocurrency, “bitcoin”, another impressive accomplishment of the latest technologies. Bitcoin is secure and called the “future of money“. Any company missing blockchain technology will be incapable of competing and growing in the upcoming years.

Trending Software Development Technologies-Wrap Up:

In a nutshell, software development technologies will extend more in the future. Software solutions are paramount for a business’s success, from accounting to healthcare. Thus, you must know the top 2022 software development trends to grow your business rapidly.

Let’s learn more about software development:

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