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As procurement’s impact on a company’s bottom-line grows, so do the challenges in achieving greater spend under management, driving compliance, managing supply chain risks, and reducing inefficiencies and costs. Procurement organizations, the world over, are seeking smarter strategies, and innovative and integrated solutions to up profitability and sustainability.

Outcome-driven companies partner with CIBER-Procure to operationalize their procurement function and improve financial performance and efficiency

We work alongside our clients to co-create, implement, and execute next-generation customized operating models to increase the strategic impact of procurement for their businesses.

Our procurement practitioners provide a range of advisory and managed services, along with enabling technology to help our clients build an integrated procurement ecosystem that empowers them to create more value and outperform in the market.

Customer Experience Service

Customer Experience (CX), undoubtedly, has become the new battleground for companies as they seek greater business value and enhanced outcomes. The importance of understanding and predicting customer behaviors, and leveraging digital to create superior and integrated experiences cannot be overemphasized. The push for digitalization has gained further momentum in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies look beyond traditional customer service delivery models to extend their digital footprint through self-service and assisted channels. This will be important as brands strive to regain customer trust, in a changed world, with a greater degree of responsiveness and empathy. Also paramount is to find effective ways of proactively engaging with customers at the right time and on their preferred channels.

At CIBER, we empower and engineer CX journeys for the world’s largest and most innovative companies through our ‘Customer-first’ ethos and our ability to co-create.

Human Resources

Organizations have to often contend with high attrition rates, a shrinking talent pool and the pressure to sustain employee engagement. Against such a backdrop, many organizations find it challenging to focus on making human resource management processes more cost-efficient. Chief HR officers of leading organizations leverage Business Process Management (BPM) as a sustainable and competitive strategy to manage costs and allow the company’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than managing transactional activities in HR operations.

We support organizations in meeting their HR objectives through comprehensive BPM offerings for HR functions. Our end-to-end solutions, comprising HR analytics, enable clients to reduce cost of operations and streamline HR processes so that they can focus on strategic HR initiatives.


The contemporary digital age is characterized by a data deluge. Internal (CRM, ERP, machines, etc.) and external data (social, public data, geospatial, smart meters, etc.) are contributing significantly to this deluge. Most of this data is complex and in varied forms (structured, unstructured and semi-structured). While harnessing all this data is still a big challenge, recent technological advancements have enabled this access, and exponentially increased the power of intelligence it can generate. Organizations are scurrying to generate actionable insights to help them make smarter business decisions that can differentiate the organization in an over-crowded marketplace.
CIBER leverages its analytics expertise in combination with rich industry domain knowledge and custom-built proprietary frameworks to help clients make these informed decisions at the right time! We provide a range of services to clients ranging from top global firms to small businesses – from complex data integration to cutting-edge advanced analytics, from personalization to Big Data.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Co-creating brand differentiation for our clients, and enabling them to outperform with our passion for service and innovation is our singular mission.

Outperformance is the game-changing difference between survival and dramatic growth for companies across every industry, globally. The key catalyst for ‘outperformance’ is the ability to co-create high-impact solutions with clients, thus enabling their brand differentiation.

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